Want to join a startup community, meet interesting and like-minded people? Here’s some selected events for upcoming week in the Greater Copenhagen Area.


Design thinking – The Digital UI

Attendants will have an opportunity of listening the presentation about creating user value, not just new features or products. The company called Zenit Design will explain their general approach to design assignments and glimpse of a few cases they have been working on. Besides that, Jonas who is an industrial designer and managing director of Zenit Design will hold a speech.

Join the event if you are interested in developing an application and you want to know more.

The entrance is free of charge. You can find out more about the event here.

Seats are limited so better hurry!

  • When: 18th January, 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Where: Foo Café Malmö, Stora Varvsgatan 6a, 211 19 Malmö, Sweden

Learn how to develop your SaaS Pricing Model

The event will focus on Pricing SaaS and how to develop your skills within that field. Martin Muntzing from Podio.com will share his experience about how to develop SaaS pricing models. Listeners will have an chance to ask questions and take a part in the discussion.

If you are interested in SaaS Pricing models but want to extend your knowledge, join!

Entrance is free of charge. You can find out more about the event here.

  • When: 19th January, 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM
  • Where: Djäkne Kaffebar, Djäknegatan 9, 211 35 Malmö, Sweden


Scala Coding session

 The event is created for coding enthusiasts who want to share ideas. During the Coding session, attendants will exchange their thoughts and ideas in order of creating something together. The organizer advises to brainstorm before the meeting and come with ready suggestions.

If you are interested in coding and you want to create something, do not hesitate and join the event!

Entrance is free of charge. You can find out about the event more here.

  • When: 17th January, 5:00 PM – 8:00PM
  • Where: Foo Café Copenhagen, Founders, Skelbækgade 4, 1717 Copenhagen, Denmark

Sketch App Meetup #19 – Startup edition

During the evening, the listeners will gain more knowledge and experience in creating a startup. Two speakers will have presentations: Manuel Gonzalez Somonte will talk about Sketch to VR and Casper Hach from ServiceLovers. You can also have a small presentation but you have to submit it earlier to the event organizer.

If you are interested in creating your own startup and you want to find out more about how to do it, the event is just for you!

The entrance is free of charge. You can find out more about the event here.

  • When: 19th January, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Where: Lydens Hus, Gammel Kongevej 11, 4, 1610 Copenhagen, Denmark

Want to know about other events in the region? Check out our calendar.