Here we gather information about Danish and Swedish startups in the greater Copenhagen region, also called the Øresund region. This includes the cities of Copenhagen, Malmö, Helsingborg abd Lund as well as numerous smaller ones. Our aim is to list all Scandinavian startups that are active in the region – companies with an growth ambition and that are up and running. Once a startup is deemed successful enough (is acquired or reaches a market cap of at least €25M) it will be moved to the success stories list.

A list of both Danish and Swedish startups

The list with help from the AngelList database, manually filtered for Danish and Swedish startups form this region.

We do not limit what fields the startups are active in, but the general tendency is for web, IT or mobile companies. But the list also includes companies in the biotech, service and electrics sector.

Are you missing from the list? Feel free to add your company! If your startups is already registered on AngelList, contact us with a link to it!

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AngelList Startups in the region