Rocket labs has been around since juli 2013 and has been ever growing. It started with one floor of 450 m2 and now consists of 2 floors at a total of 950m2. If you join Rocket Labs you join a large network of like-minded people, all willing to help and share.

Rocket Labs also host events within the tech community, arrangede in-house and by externals – so if your in need of an event area, with all services provided, gives us a call.

Office and workspace option:

Rocket Labs offers company postal address for 200,- DKr. a month, and seats from 1500,- DKr. a month. Office rooms are also available, contact them for more information about the options.
The office also has a range of offerings including lunch service, reception and gamers-room.

What companies is Rocket Labs focusing on

Rocket Labs focus is tech start ups as well as settled entrepaneurs.

Contact information

Join the Rocket at The adress is Hejrevej 30, 2400 Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Rocket Labs